May Outing -- 2017


Need camping gear?
  • The PIT has items from the troop gear exchange.  See the Troop Quartermaster.
  • ATTEND THE MEETINGS PRIOR TO THE OUTING!  If you don't you're missing out!

Sunset Trail District Camporee

District camporee is a fun weekend of skill building competition with other troops in our area.  The schedule includes inter-troop competition, district wide campfires and Scout led Sunday service. 

Being springtime in Oregon, there have been some famously wet camporee weekends in years past.  As always, BE PREPARED!

  • OUTING DATE: See the monthly calendar and watch for the emailed permission slip link.
  • Drivers: Complete the on-line Driver's Information form
  • Scouts: Your patrol is counting on you -- Remember your share of the equipment and food. 
District Camporee at McIver State Park