Varsity Team 124

Varsity Scouting is a separate BSA program for boys 14 to 18 years old.  It shares most attributes of Scouting and offers more ambitious high adventure, sports, and service opportunities.  A boy may be a member of both a Scout Troop and a Varsity team.  The Varsity team leader is referred to as a coach, similar to the Scoutmaster position in a Scout troop.  In our case, both units are chartered by St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

BSA Troop 124 Varsity Team relies on a closed Facebook group for most of their member communication.  Stephen Townsend is the Varsity coach.  If you are a Varsity Team member or have a legitimate need to know, ask Steve to invite you to join the Facebook group.

2012 -- Varstiy Team in Olympic Range Alpine flora in Olympic Range